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ICOM CANADA'S CPS Electronics Instructor of the Year Awards


October 25, 2015

Each year Icom Canada presents awards at the annual Canadian Power Squandron General Meeting. This years 77th annual event took place in Niagara Falls and was attended by 325 members from across Canada and the U.S.

The Icom Electronics Instructor of the Year Award is given annually to 3 instructors deemed to be the best at teaching the Radio Operating Certificate class.

This years recipients were John Kabel (London, ON, Central Region), Jean Robert-Lavergne (Laterriere, QC, Quebec Region) and Mike Paterson (Nanoose Bay, BC, Western Region).

Congratulations and thank you for your hard work!


ICOM CANADA Sponsors Diane Reid in the 2013 Mini Transat Race


Icom Canada was proud to be a sponsor of Diane Reid in the 2013 Mini Transat Race. The race is 4300 mile solo race from France to Guadaloupe. Diane used an ICOM M424 VHF radio as well as the MA-500TR AIS Transponder.

Speaking with Diane she had this to say about the Icom products she used.

"The AIS repeatedly saved my life and saved my day in two ways.

 The first was that I could radio ships by name when the AIS showed that I was on a collision course with them.  This facilitated the rerouting of said commercial traffic so that I didn't get run over.  

The other was one I forgot to tell you about.  When I was under jury rig I felt it was really really important to get a message to the race director.  Imagine this....thousands of people back home in Canada are watching the race and my boat speed all of a sudden drops down to about 15% of what it was.  Clearly something is wrong, but we are not allowed to communicate off of the boat.   So, a couple of hours after I pushed the distress black button on my transponder to tell the race director that I had a problem onboard, I saw a commercial ship passing me on my AIS.  They were 18 miles away and steaming at 18 knots in the opposite direction of me.  The AIS allowed me to see their name, and the awesome strength and efficiency of the VHF allowed me to radio them and ask them to make a "ship to shore" call to the race director telling the race director the specifics of my situation, and also that I was going to need a tow when I got to Puerto Calero so that I didn't loose my rig.  If my AIS and VHF wasn't so awesome, this wouldn't have happened. "

Also during the race Diane became the "English Speaking Contingency Translator". This was for two reasons.

"The first was that people could hear me.  I constantly had skippers saying that they could always clearly hear me.  The other of course is because I speak french and english, so that helped too :-)"

Congratulations Diane on your amazing adventures.




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